My favourite streaming gear to get started on twitch

You want to start streaming but don’t know what kind of equipment you need or are unsure which choice to go with? Here are my recommendations based on lots of research and experience.

The Elgato Wave:3 is in my point of view the best value for money when it comes to quality, ease of use and also features. The reason I recommend this microphone over other USB mics is because of the well engineered software integration by elgato, giving you a full mixer, equaliser, filters and more.

I have covered a full tutorial on a great LED lighting setup at a budget price. If you’re just starting out I would recommend you to only start with one light panel and later on upgrade to a second one.

Capture cards
In case you’re planning to stream from your console a great choose are the capture cards from Elgato or AverMedia.

Other suggestions
Let me know if you also have any suggestions and recommendations!

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